Criminal Law

Ms. Roxana Soica’s first passion is criminal defence. While completing her law degree at Osgoode Hall Law School, Ms. Soica dedicated her efforts to criminal law defence by successfully representing minorities in Toronto. Since then, Ms. Soica became well versed with all of the Toronto, Brampton, and surrounding courthouses and maintains good relationships with Crown Prosecutors as well as senior criminal lawyers.

Ms. Soica understands your current predicament and addresses it by coupling top legal arguments and case-specific research with effective advocacy. Ms. Soica’s long-standing goal is to provide the highest level of representation and to minimize the impact of criminal charges on each client’s life course. Ms. Soica will pursue your case relentlessly.

Ms. Soica is transparent at every stage of the criminal process and wants to ensure that you have certainty regarding legal fees and the merits of your case. Ms. Soica is here to service you as a client and to guide you through this difficult time. She is approachable and dedicated to each case she decides to take on. For a free consultation, Ms. Roxana Soica is available at 416.723.6497. Ms. Soica is fluent in Romanian and Spanish.

For your own knowledge, Ms. Soica invites you to take a moment and review The Criminal Process.