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Ms. Soica obtained a High Distinction Business degree at the University of Toronto, with experience in financial auditing at Ernst & Young LLP. She was a research assistant and teaching assistant of macroeconomics and marketing among other extra-curriculars including being captain and MVP of the varsity tennis team. She was a recipient of many awards, one of which was the Gordon Cressy Student Leadership Award, awarded to students for their outstanding leadership contributions to improving the world around them and inspiring others to do the same.

Ms. Soica obtained her Juris Doctor degree at Osgoode Hall Law School in 2014, where she was a Division Leader at the Community and Legal Aid Services Programme, representing members of the community and supervising other law students.

Ms. Soica is a member of the Family Law Association, specialized in property, support, and parenting cases. She is very involved with family litigation, mediation, and negotiation. She has represented clients experiencing situations of domestic abuse, criminal charges, and child protection concerns.  She has consistently communicated and litigated against the Children’s Aid Societies across the GTA. Coupled with Ms. Soica’s business background and experience winning cases involving significant property and income issues, she is able to represent and advise clients in all facets of family law.

Ms. Soica is a presenter of the MIP Program for family law litigants at the Superior Court of Justice as well as a guest lecturer. Ms. Soica has also supervised law students, paralegal students, and lawyers.

Ms. Soica is connected with the Canadian Free Wills Network and Justice Net to ensure that everyone can afford a will. Further, she has developed an online tool for wills.  Ms. Soica believes that not having a will is extremely detrimental for those left behind due to the legal hoops in cases where there is no will.

Ms. Soica prefers to resolve matters efficiently for her clients. She believes in the lawyer’s inviolable role of protecting the client’s interest with the highest level of professionalism, preparation, and competence. Her practice areas include: 

Family Law

Child Protection

Wills and Estates Law

Criminal Law 

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