Assault is a very serious charge of violence. It can have repercussions on your career and future sentencing. A conviction for Assault can range from a discharge (unlikely) to penitentiary (jail for a term longer than two years).

There are different types of Assault in the Criminal Code:

  • Domestic Assault. This is an assault simpliciter with the domestic context as a statutorily aggravating factor. Please refer to the Domestic Assault section for more details.
  • Attempt Murder. Although this is not an “assault” charge, it often includes an assault. Roxana was recently involved in an Attempt Murder case which was reduced to Aggravated Assault.

Roxana Soica has extensive experience with all of the above charges. Assault rarely results in a discharge. The violent nature of the charge results in a conviction and imprisonment.

In recent assault cases (assault simpliciter, assault peace officer, assault with a weapon, assault causing bodily harm) Roxana had the charges completely withdrawn, with no record to the accused. This was even in cases where the Crown indicated a jail term on the Crown Screening form. For example, during a fight, a spouse pushed her partner down the stairs, causing bodily harm. This was a very serious charge that could have had repercussions on the client’s immigration status as well as freedom. Roxana managed to obtain a Peace Bond. The charge was withdrawn and the client was beyond thankful.