Dangerous Driving

Frequently Asked Question: Dangerous Driving

What happens if you are convicted of Dangerous Driving?
What are your rights?
What are your options on a Dangerous Driving charge?

Dangerous Driving is a serious offence and may lead to the following charges:

What happens if you are convicted of Dangerous Driving?

  • Licence suspension for one year
  • Probation
  • Fine
  • Insurance increase
  • Possible jail for a term up to five years
  • For careless driving: six demerit points and 30 days licence suspension

What are your rights?

Your Charter rights are crucial when determining the outcome of a Dangerous Driving case. The Crown Prosecutor wants to rely heavily on the accused’s statement to the police to ensure that they secure a conviction. Your statement can be excluded if:

  • You provided a statement pursuant to your obligation to report an accident under the Highway Traffic Act
  • The statement is held to be involuntary
  • The police failed to inform you of your right to counsel and implement it by: 1) providing you with a reasonable opportunity to contact counsel; 2)  ceasing questioning or otherwise attempting to elicit evidence until you have had a reasonable opportunity to retain and instruct counsel

What are your options on a Dangerous Driving charge?

Roxana Soica can help you determine whether the Crown’s case against you is a strong one. Her typical course of action is:

  1. Where there is a serious Charter issue, Roxana will draft a Charter Application with the goal of excluding the potent evidence of the Crown’s case.
  2. Where the Crown’s case is weak, Roxana will effortlessly work toward ensuring that the court will have a reasonable doubt and you will not be found guilty.
  3. Where the Crown’s case is strong and your instructions are to plead guilty, Roxana will rely on her good reputation with Crown Prosecutors, legal knowledge, and negotiation skills to ensure that you plead to a lesser offence. This could mean that the plea could turn from a criminal offence to a provincial offence.